get to know me meme: five movies — pitch perfect (2012)

"Listen up, A-ca-ballers. I have been rejected by the army, shoved into a Dora the Explorer backpack, and pushed into the girls’ locker room wearing nothing but suspenders. But no matter, I am in the world that I love."

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day 830245

still pissed as fuck about the himym finale

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Welp, I imagine that we now definitely know how NPH feels about the finale. #roasted.


Welp, I imagine that we now definitely know how NPH feels about the finale. #roasted.

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    day three 
         ↳ brotp | abed and troy

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Scene 5/? where the writers made us believe Barney and Robin were endgame

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11 years of One Tree Hill - September 23, 2003;
"I’m not sad that it’s over. I’m so grateful that it happened. I’m so happy that we all had a place to call home. Somewhere to be vulnerable. To be imperfect. To learn to be better." 

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Polite cat 

That little headbutt in the second one gave me diabetes.

“Excuse me, human. I would like a petting, please. Yes, thank you.”

“Um, excuse me, human? Human? Ah yes, I’d like another petting please. Ah, thank you.”

Always reblog Polite Cat.


Fun fact:  Cats headbutt to deposit facial pheromones.  Cats do this to mark something as safe.  This cat basically left a signal on their human that they consider them to be safe and comforting and that they trust them.

He also doesn’t let out his claws. xD Either he’s de-clawed or he knows he’d hurt her if he let out his claws. 

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Why do I learn more about math from Tumblr than my 12+ years of formal education????????

No math teacher ever taught me this trick. Got damn.

This is great and all if you know how to subtract things from 100 

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But you’re… you’re just a girl.
That’s what I keep saying.

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annieedisons asked: Abed Nadir or Troy Barnes?

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